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10 Best Sexual Puns (Funny!)

Thots Live

Do you love innuendos? One way or another, good situations to drop funny sexual puns happen all the time. So try a naughty pickup line to flirt more creatively! No matter if you're saying it to someone's face or only sticking to text messages and cybersex.

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Top 5 Sissy Dildos (Realistic Sex Toys)

Let's go over the best sissy sex toys, focusing on dildos for anal play. Instead of complicating things, we'll keep it simple by reviewing a top brand. And they're widely known as Risque Fetish Toys, which has adult products for submissive guys and gals. Our list covers a variety of realistic dildos, ranging from 6 to 9 inches in several lifelike colors.

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Is Pornhub Premium Worth It? (Review of Benefits)

Nowadays, you can browse multitudes of porn without signing up or paying a cent. But that doesn’t mean content comes completely cost-free. After all, taking hours searching for good sex videos could be spent doing anything else. Still, the question, “Why should I buy Pornhub Premium?” has to have a convincing answer.