Top 5 Sissy Dildos (Realistic Sex Toys)

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Let’s go over the best sissy sex toys, focusing on dildos for anal play.

Instead of complicating things, we’ll keep it simple by reviewing a top brand. And they’re known as Risque Fetish Toys, which has adult products for submissive guys and gals.

Our list covers a variety of realistic dildos, ranging from 6 to 9 inches in several lifelike colors. While it can apply to starters at sissy training, we’ve also featured a few large ones for our experienced users.

Whether you’re straight, gay, or bi, these are the best sissy dildos:

“Keep reading to see dildos with attached balls and much more. Regardless of what stage of feminization you’re at, there’s a sex toy here that’ll fill you up nicely. Now let’s get started on satisfying all of those throbbing urges!”

1. Impulse (6 Inches)

Impulse Dildos are the go-to cocks that you’ll use every time you’re in the mood. Basically, it’s the most important toy in a proper sissy’s anal play collection! Often, these tend to be just the right fit at 6-inches.

Sometimes, a sissy even picks an average size dildo instead of a bigger one because they just feel the best too. Overall though, an Impulse isn’t just mandatory for beginners either. Any 6-inch sex toy can be used as a tool to stretch out for bigger dicks.

“At a certain point, ‘8-inchers’ will slide in easily. Until then, you have to start with a realistic, believable-sized cock. Not to mention, they feel better to warm-up with before jumping straight onto a massive one.”

Since the dildos at Risque Fetish Toys are flexible, yet firm, you can bend them as they go in and out. So, find your P-spot, then keep stimulating until you reach a sissygasm! And in case you’re wondering what that means, it’s a sissies version of a handsfree orgasm. – But only by anal penetration!

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  • Smooth, soft, firmly erect
  • Most lifelike dildo available
  • Recommended for any sissy


  • Doesn’t have testicles on it
  • Not as good to ride as others
  • Wanting a big toy someday

2. Depth (8 Inches)

Depth Dildos will give you that desirable feeling of being filled up during anal play. Compared to their counterparts, these are a significant size increase at 8-inches.

As your sissy training progresses, you’ll eventually get bored of beginner dildos. Ready to increase the girth? That’s where the Depth comes in! And when we say they’re lifelike, it’s as close to the real thing as possible.

(Minus a pair of cum-filled balls, of course!)

Your eyes will roll back and your toes will curl as you attempt to fit every inch inside that tight femboy ass. So, a sissy should be well into their feminization before riding such a dominant cock.

On a side note, you could also check out the Beyond brand of dildos too. While still being similar to Depth’s, they’re slightly larger at 9-inches. In other words, both are top sex toys for sissies who crave a lot of extra reach or stimulation. – And they’ll surely satisfy!

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  • Feels just like real flesh
  • Reliable suction cup base
  • Perfect size for a big dildo


  • You’ll need lots of lube
  • Somewhat heavy, very meaty
  • Takes patience to fit it inside

3. Rider (7 Inches)

Rider Dildos will fulfill all your sissy fantasies of bouncing on a real cock with balls. Just as appealing as the previous dongs, these bad boys have a pair of testicles attached firmly at the base.

And it’s a new degree of pleasure to feel them slapping against your ass when you’re riding. Imagine sliding down on a dick so far that your own tiny, yet cute balls meekly rest on top of the big pair.

(Bonus points for making them touch!)

“Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about why we recommend picking up two sissy dildos, at minimum. Every type has its benefits, but the real satisfaction comes once you combine them. To tell you the truth, the best way to explain it would be to share a very doable, naughty scenario.”

Try the following sissy training fantasy:

  1. Have a realistic dildo with balls shoved in you, literally, balls-deep.
  2. Another silicone cock suction-cupped to anywhere, like the shower for waterproof fun.
  3. Now practice your deepthroat skills as you’re spit-roasted like the sissy slut you crave to be!

Sounds pretty tempting, huh?Well, at least it is for the most submissive sissies in training!

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  • Looks & feels like a real dick
  • Ideal for riding in the shower
  • Great starter dildo for sisses


  • Not for sex on your back
  • Length could be too short
  • Awkward sideways thrusting

4. Indulge (7 Inches)

Indulge Dildos are a good upgrade at 7-inches for a sissy who wants a little extra length and girth. In short, they’re a perfect balance between too large versus too small.

Although the picture we shared above is a black dong, not all of them are. Instead, it’s simply a collection of Risque Fetish’s best 7-inch dildos. And they come in several types of realistic colors like pale, tan, or brown.

“You probably know that when you arch your back, it makes your ass look bigger and dildos slide in easier. As a sissy with real submissive desires, your body will do this naturally once a cock plunges deep enough.”

No matter how much that clitty throbs, tuck it between your thighs and refrain from any kind of rubbing. Mark our words, it’s the only way to achieve a sissygasm. Soon enough, loads of cum will dribble out as you massage a P-spot through your cute, hairless booty.

Essentially, this is what you’re getting with an Indulge. Something that’ll penetrate you at just the right depth to make your back arch in pleasure. – Without even thinking about it either!

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  • Multiple lifelike colors
  • Perfect in-between size
  • Good in any sex position


  • Might be too tiny or long
  • You may want balls on a toy
  • Could go past your P-spot

5. Girth (10+ Inches)

Girth Dildos triumph over any other silicone dick with their lifelike features. In fact, the only thing unrealistic is the sheer massiveness of this flattering brand of cock.

Slowly ease your sissy ass down on the shaft, all the way down to its fat, lifelike balls. Well, that’s if you can actually take all 10-inches of thickness! Just make sure to lube it up nicely with your mouth and tongue because you’ll definitely need it slippery wet.

“Once you stretch out that tight, little booty enough, then it’s time to meet the next size of sissy dildos. The Girth rings true to its name by practically paralyzing you with pleasure.”

At this point, you certainly know how much of a feminine cum slut you want to be. And if you thought the previous dildos with balls were too hot to handle, these will leave you breathless. So before sitting on such a dominant rod, always loosen up by riding a smaller one first.

For anyone not used to big dicks, they can be a challenge to take deep inside your butt. Now, do you think you’ve become a sissy who can handle a huge, realistic dildo? – Then prepare for penetration!

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  • Suprisingly flexible
  • Very strong suction cup
  • Satisfies submissive urges


  • No cute colors like pink
  • Bigger than it looks in images
  • Not for brand-new sissies

Bonus: BBC Dildos

As a bonus, meet Risque Fetish’s BBC Dildos, which are just like the Girth edition above.

But it’s your classic ‘Big Black Cock’ model! – Also known as an easy way to fulfill all of your submissive, cuckold, and femboy fantasies in a single plunge.

“The perfect selfless, yet naughty gift for an unsatisfied wife who wants a real man’s dick. Or maybe, it’s reserved for your own anal adventures. Regardless, this huge black dildo will make you feel like a sissy cum slut.”

Add a BBC to your sex toy collection for those times of intense horniness. No matter if you’re in the early stages of feminization or not, this could be a sissy dildo to work up to someday. Sort of like a hot fantasy that drenches your panties with precum every time you think about riding it. – #SissyGoals!

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  • Stays in place well
  • Makes femboys blush
  • Sissy cuckold dream toy


  • Too big for deepthroating
  • Only brown or black colors
  • Must be anally loosened up

When Should You Order?

Risque Fetish Toys frequently does sex toy sales at up to 70% off.

If they’re running one, then you know it’s an ideal time to order. – Plus, they have fast, discreet shipping to the United States, Canada, and most of Europe.

So that’s awesome for anyone who might be hesitant about ordering one of the best sissy dildos. Hopefully, a delivery as quick as Amazon will make up for being a standalone shop.

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