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10 Best Sexual Puns (Funny!)

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Do you love hearing sexual innuendos?

For the ladies, try a naughty pun to flirt in a creative way. – Some of our lines can also be used by men for a better chance at hooking up with women.

One way or another, good situations to drop funny sexual puns happen all the time. No matter if you’re saying a dirty pickup line to someone’s face or only sticking to text messages and cybersex!

Overview of the Top 10 Sexual Puns:

“While some of these sexual puns are cringe-worthy, others could make you laugh just as hard. Either way, we’re not sorry for the funny and silly innuendos you’re about to witness!”


Everyone knows “Chick-Fila-A,” which is what this sexual pun references.

But have you ever seen a woman classified as a “Thick-Fil-A?” – Yeah, that booty is much more than a snack.

Nope, it’s definitely a whole meal!

“Lick Me Till Ice Cream”

In case you’re wondering, this an innuendo for oral sex on a girl.

Except, it’s supposed to sound like, “Lick me until I scream.” – Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Well, probably just as many people as pussy eating, at the bare minimum!

“Mountain Dew Me”

Now here’s an incentive to buy your girl a “Mountain Dew.”

When she takes a sip, the next words out of her mouth will be, “Do me!” – One can dream, right?

Sarcasm or not, find yourself a laid-back girlfriend with a funny, carefree personality.

“An Inside Throb”

Meet our sexual pun for the movie and saying, “Inside Job.”

All it takes is one look at a PAWG with luscious curves… – And you’ll want to give her an “Inside Throb!”

However, you might have to make an elaborate plan to get between those thighs.

“Take Me to Your Wiener”

Talk about a straightforward, sexual line you’d love to hear from a chick.

Don’t see the innuendo yet? – Well, it’s a play on the classic science-fiction phrase, “Take me to your leader.”

For our nerdy girls, this could be one way to give a hint to a guy you like!

“Strawberry It In Me”

Funny fruit puns are the best, especially when they’re so direct!

Now, this is a line you might hear from a horny girlfriend. – And if not, then it’s time for you to find a woman who will scream out naughty puns as you’re buried deep inside her!

So how would you react if that happened?

“Sleeping Booty”

Disney innuendos from “Sleepy Beauty” are a dime a dozen.

Picture a thick girl falling asleep on top of a bed with no covers. – When she’s only wearing panties, it’s a challenge to keep your eyes off of that scrumptious booty.

Believe it or not, a woman knows if you’re staring at her ass too!

“Whole Nudes Market”

As a pun for the grocery store “Whole Foods,” we threw in a sexual angle!

Don’t you just love getting sexy selfies from hot girls? – In fact, you could even call it a wholesome surprise.

After a few pictures from a couple of baddies, that’s like having your own nudes collection.

“The Nipple Mermaid”

Now that’s a sexual twist on the Disney classic, “The Little Mermaid.”

Imagine a seductive lady with nipples poking through a thin crop top. – Let’s give them a naughty nickname.

Undoubtedly, any pokey princess could be crowned as a “Nipple Mermaid!”

“As Good as Clit Gets”

Referencing the movie, “As Good as It Gets,” this also has been a common saying throughout the years.

But having a hot girl bent over like the sexy image above… – Well, that’s just as good as “Clit” gets!

Wouldn’t you prefer to bang women with the tightest pussies?

Enjoy Our Sexual Puns!

Whether you cringed or laughed, these innuendos certainly make you think.

Now try them out in a cam to cam video chat with a horny girl! – On the other hand, maybe you can use a line to start conversations on adult hookup apps like Tinder or Bumble.

Regardless, sexual puns are a funny way to break the ice while flirting with women.